~ Long-time Residents and Philanthropists of Newport Beach ~

When we think of Newport Beach and its many amenities, our thoughts often drift straight to the ocean and a luxurious lifestyle. There is so much more to living in this city and making an impact on the community, and the lifestyle is an added benefit to the charitable opportunities that exist. Terry and Bob know all too well that Newport Beach is surrounded by less fortunate cities and residents, and they have spent a lifetime making a difference in Newport Beach, its sister communities, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, and all the way to New Orleans after Katrina. You may even consider them local heroes and celebrities; making an impact seems to be the primary goal of these two amazing individuals.

Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Bob Gugel is a retired educator who spends the majority of his time as a tutor, personal coach, and substitute teacher in the Newport Mesa school district. He certainly has a passion for helping young minds flourish. In addition to his extensive teaching career, Bob was the founding principal of Abiding Savior Lutheran School in El Toro. His long list of successful students reflects his dedication to help change the world, one student at a time.

He is well-known throughout the community and remains a champion to many families. In addition to being an academic leader, he also coached football, baseball, track, volleyball, and basketball, with several of his players graduating to professional athletic careers. Bob is no stranger to athletic notoriety; he still holds the record for most yards per carry at Concordia University Chicago. He later earned his master’s degree in history at Pepperdine University.

A lifelong resident of Newport Beach, Terry has had a long-standing, successful career in real estate and continues to work in the field as a consultant. She began public speaking in 1979 and still enjoys select engagements. Among her great successes are two inventions she created for the banking industry, revolutionizing the way credit and fee-based earnings were managed. She has worked with many charitable organizations over the years, including the Red Cross and the Cabaret Club where she was instrumental in raising funds for the Performing Arts Center. She has been actively involved with the American Red Cross since 1978. She was called as a first responder for the Laguna Beach Fires, and then worked with the survivors. She also served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Laguna Beach Fire Coalition. A member of Mariner’s Church since 1985, Terry thoroughly enjoys hosting Bible studies and small groups in her Newport Beach home. She was also the facilitator through her church, doing volunteer work for the Orphanage for Ninos in Tijuana, Mexico.

While they enjoy the comforts of their lovely home, Bob and Terry are typically on the go. You might find Terry above the water sailing - or below the oceans blue, scuba diving in many places throughout the world.

They uphold their family tradition, to “live, love, laugh… and travel”. They have built a substantial circle of friends throughout the world, especially in their favorite vacation spots of Latin America (Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, and Peru), Spain, France, Italy, the Caribbean, the West Indies, Bermuda, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, Vancouver, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, New Orleans, the New England states, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. And if that isn’t enough, they are already planning a month long trip to New York and Europe next June with their close friends. They enjoy fine dining and boast about their favorite restaurants in Newport Beach, which are, Tommy Bahamas, Gulfstream, 21 Oceanfront, Bistangos, Sage Port in Corona del Mar, The Cheesecake Factory, El Torito Grill, Villa Nova, and Newport Landing.

If they aren’t on the road, in the air, or on the sea, you will most likely catch them enjoying their large family of 8 children and 17 (soon to be 18) grandchildren. Twins run on Bob’s side of the family. They love to watch football and Terry loves gourmet cooking. Entertaining family and friends are also a big part of their lives. Young at heart, Bob and Terry occasionally slow down long enough to enjoy a book by the fire, watch football, and listen to music. They have certainly developed a generous presence in the community, and are very well-liked by friends and neighbors alike. It is our pleasure to share this great city with such a wonderful, compassionate couple.