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Panama offers an attractive incentive program for retirees, and because of the lower cost of living, great climate, lower crime rate, and tax advantages, Panama compares with many European choices for retirement destinations. Panama is a safe country.


Easily, Legally, and Happily

When you elect Panama residency, there are some very attractive benefits for retired expats that are hard to resist. Of course, since most pensionados are on a fixed income, the idea of paying less for many common expenses is quite welcome. Here are some of the retirement benefits available to alien retirees as young as 18.


This type of visa is granted to retired or pensioned foreign citizens from any country or private enterprise, who wish to permanently reside in Panama.  The minimum monthly life pension amount required is US$1,000.00.  However, if the retired or pensioned petitioner can prove that he/she has bought a property in his/her name in the Republic of Panama in the amount of US$100,000.00 or above, the minimum pension amount required is US$750.00. If the petitioner is bringing with him dependents his/her life pension must be US$250.00 above the US$1,000.00 for each of his/her dependents.